Unfortunately rape and sexual abuse are far more common than most people think. Here are just some statistics on the prevalence and impact of rape and sexul abuse.

Some Key Statistics

  • Almost 1 in 4 women will experience sexual assault as an adult
  • Around 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys experience some form of child sexual abuse
  • In the last year (2010/11) 2.5% of women aged 16 to 59 and 0.5% of men (of the same age group) had experienced a sexual assault (including attempts)...
  • In Doncaster this equates to approximately 7 sexual assaults (or attempted assaults) every day

The Impact of Abuse

The impact of rape and sexual abuse on both the individual and wider society are very significant:

  • The risk of rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence in adulthood is approximately doubled for victims of childhood sexual abuse.
  • In one study of women who had been incestuously abused in childhood, two thirds were subsequently raped.
  • According to various studies 50-60% of psychiatric inpatients and 40-60% of outpatients were physically and/or sexually abused as children.
  • Where such abuse involved penetration there are 16 times as many psychiatric admissions compared to the general population.

People who are abused are more likely to form drug or alcohol dependence:

  • Women who experience any type of sexual abuse in childhood are roughly 3 times more likely than non-abused women to report drug or alcohol dependence as adults.
  • A survey of workers at 47 drug addiction agencies in Scotland estimated that 50% of their clients had been abused in childhood.

The overall financial cost to society of sexual offences in 2003-04 was estimated at £8.5 billlion, with each rape costing over £76,000.


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