Making a Referral

Many DRASACS clients contact us directly to request our services and these self-referrals are very important to our organisation. If counselling or advocacy is to be as effective as possible, it is vital that the client really does want to try the service and is committed to engaging with their counsellor or advocate.

However, when a child or young person is involved we are also able to take referrals directly from staff from other agencies, as long as the referral has been discussed and agreed with the client first.

How to Make a Referral

In order to manage the demands on resources, we are no longer able to accept third party referrals into ADULT counselling.

Due to an increased rate of non attendance by clients who have been referred to us via other agencies, we are currently only accepting self referrals for our ADULT counselling service.

If you are a professional working with an adult who would like to access our services, they need to contact us directly.

Please note this does NOT apply to our CHILDREN and YOUNG PEOPLES counselling service.

If you would like to refer a CHILD or YOUNG PERSON directly to us, please use our referral form:

You can also make a referral by telephone, by calling us on 01302 360421.

If you have any questions about making a referral or wish to discuss a specific set of circumstances, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


You can make a self referral by telephone, by calling us on 01302 360421.

We also have a variety of literature and leaflets that you can offer to your clients, so they can self-refer if they wish to. For more information call 01302 341572.