Doncaster Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Service

Privacy Notice – Child/Young Person

DRASACS believes that your safety, confidentiality and empowerment to make your own decisions is extremely important. We want to be open and clear about the information that we collect and record about you and how it is used.

We will, at the start of your support, explain to you who will be involved in your support and who we may talk to about your situation and seek your agreement to record and store your information on our computer system.

We will also explain to you the limits of confidentiality in relation to what you tell us.

In order to provide support to you we need to store information about you and the work that we do with and for you. Most of the information that we collect will be given to us by you but sometimes we also record information about your situation which is provided by someone else, for example your parent/guardian or another organisation. If you believe that the information we hold is wrong, then you have the right to ask us to amend it.

Our funders require some information to create a picture of the work that we do and the people that we work with, we provide this information to them in a way which does not identify you. We may also use anonymous data to show the need for our services and anonymised feedback about our service in the same way. You can choose what data we share with others and this is something you may wish to discuss with your worker.

As you may want to look at our personal records at some time in the future, we will keep your information safe unless you tell us that you wish for them to be deleted, in which case you should let us know and we will let you know what information we are able to remove.

You have the right to access your records and you have the right to change your mind about what data we hold about you. Again, this is something that you should discuss with your worker or with DRASACS Data Protection Officer, Paula Murray, who can be contacted by telephone on 01302 341572 or by email to

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