Doncaster Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Service

Our Services

Here at DRASACS we offer a wide range of services to help support you from face to face, telephone or webcam sessions, to ISVA support. It doesn’t matter if the incident is new or old, we offer services to help aid you in your recovery.


Therapy can help people to manage and relieve the distress caused by experiencing rape or sexual abuse. Therapy can help you to take control of your situation and make positive decisions about your future. We are able to provide counselling for children, young people, adults and family members of those affected by sexual violence. You can also access our helpline and for some people, our group sessions can be very successful.

Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy (ISVA)

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy (ISVA) service offers practical help and support. Your individual worker will listen to you and find out what your needs are. He or she will then help you to access support from other agencies such as the NHS, housing providers and benefits advice organisations. They will also help you through the Criminal Justice System if you choose to report the incident.

Child Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy (CHISVA)

Your individual worker will work alongside your family unit to offer you any practical support you may need. Our aim is to help give you the confidence, support and information you need to take control of your situation and move forward.

Information for Parents

If you are a parent and your child has been abused, or you think they may have been, read our information for parents.

Children & Young People

Unfortunately, many children and young people are sexually assaulted or raped. If this has happened to you, our counselling and ISVA services will be able to help.

Group Sessions

The group sessions offered by DRASACS provide the opportunity for those who have completed a one to one counselling programme to interact with people who have also completed DRASACS counselling and feel ready to meet others with experience of rape and sexual abuse.

I wholeheartedly support the splendid initiative… Please join the [donation] scheme and help to keep this counselling centre available to everyone in the Doncaster area.

— Julie Walters, Actress

Other Important Info


We understand just how important confidentiality is for our service users; that's why it is the cornerstone of our organisation.

National Helplines

Helplines are available throughout England and Wales


EMDR is a therapy used to help trauma. Please contact a member of our team discuss if you are suitable for this treatment

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