Newspaper Articles

There are many newspaper articles and comment pieces relating to rape and sexual abuse, covering a very wide range of different circumstances. Listed below are just a small selection of stories, comment pieces and articles.

Stories and Comment

'Parasite' porn websites stealing images and videos posted by young people Guardian, 22nd October 2012.
Young people warned they are likely to lose control of sexually explicit material once they have posted it online.

Why is rape so difficult for some people to understand? Guardian, 20th May 2011.
Eradicating rape depends as much on educating people about this crime as it does on legal reform.

Dear Rapist… Guardian, 30th April 2011.
Twenty years after her assault at a college party, Liz Seccuro received a letter of apology from her attacker. The correspondence that followed led her to pursue justice at last.

Raped policeman: 'I never thought I would be a victim' Guardian, 4th April 2011.
A detective investigating sexual assaults was devastated when he himself was raped. But he grew even more angry when police colleagues insisted on investigating the crime. Here he tells his tale anonymously.

Experience: My wife was raped. Guardian, 14th May 2011.
'I don't feel anger towards the rapist. I pity him. We found out later that he was only 17'

Children don't have to suffer in silence. Daily Telegraph, 21st May 2010.
Morris Robinson, who was sexually abused by his father throughout his childhood, wants children to know there is always someone to talk to.

Rape victim finally has closure 25 years after she was attacked and accused of lying to cover up extra-marital affair. Daily Mail, 22nd October 2008.
Case highlights how the treatment of rape victims has changed over the years.

Local Newspaper Articles

Man guilty of raping teen after night out. Doncaster Free Press, 23rd November 2011.

Serial sex offender is sentenced to 13 years. Doncaster Free Press, 13th July 2010.