Leaflets and Posters

We are able to provide a range of literature about DRASACS services for partner agencies or other organisations to make available via their services or workplace.


We have 2 leaflets available for local organisations to promote our counselling and ISVA services. If you would like copies of our leaflets to provide through your service or display in your workplace, please email admin@drasacs.org.uk or call 01302 341572.

Counselling Leaflet/media/files/Drasac-counselling-new.pdf

ISVA Leaflet/media/files/drasacs-ISVA_new.pdf

Childrens Service - Space 4 Me - Children /media/files/Children-Space-4me-Leaflet.pdf

Childrens Service - Space 4 Me - Young People /media/files/Young-people-Space4Me-Leaflet.pdf


Image of the DRASACS ISVA service posterIn addition to our leaflets, we have produced a number of posters that local organisations can download and display in their venues:

If at all possible, please print the posters in full colour.

If you do not have access to a suitable printer but would like some copies of our posters, please call us on 01302 341572.