How to Delete Your Browsing History

If you are concerned that other people may see you are, or have been, looking at the DRASACS website, there are various steps you can take.

Removing Our Webpage From Your Screen

If you click on the Hide Site button, which is located at the top of every page on our site, the page will immediately turn grey and then load the Google Home page.

If you just click on your Home button, it may take a couple of seconds before the new page loads up. Clicking the Hide Site button is therefore the quickest way of immediately removing our information from your computer screen.

Deleting Your Browsing History

In order to more thoroughly hide your tracks after you have visited this site, you can also delete your Internet History. Detailed below are ways you can clear your history using the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer (Version 8)

Click on the 'Safety' drop-down menu and select 'Delete Browsing History....' (or press Ctrl + Shift + Del). This will bring up a dialogue box. Make sure the box is ticked next to Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History, then click the Delete button.

Mozilla Firefox

Click the orange drop-down menu that says Firefox in the top left hand corner of the screen. Hover over the arrow next to 'History' then choose 'Clear Recent History...' (or press Ctrl + Shift + Del). This will bring up a dialogue box that lets you choose how much history you want to delete e.g. last hour, today etc...

Google Chrome

Click on the Spanner icon in the top right corner, then choose Tools and click on Clear Browsing Data (or press Ctrl + Shift + Del). The Clear Browsing Data window will appear. Select the options you want to delete and then click on the Clear Browsing Data button.