Data Protection

DRASACS Data Protection and Privcay Statement

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We will not share personal or identifiable information about the people who use DRASACS services unless there are concerns over SAFEGUARDING or there is an overring LEGAL reason (Court Subpeona or Police Investigation) where we are ordered by a Court to release information or requested by Crown Prosecution Service.

The ISVA (Advocacy) Service works closely with the Police and Criminal Justice System and there are further exceptions for this service; if a DRASACS ISVA worker is made aware of information which may be relevant to a Police Investigation or may prejudice Court Proceedings they are legally obliged to disclose this information.

As an adult using the service, you can request to see what information we hold about you and request to have the information removed (with the exception of LEGAL Cases and SAFEGUARDING).

DRASACS is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) Ref:Z1632661

Further information can be found in the following locations:

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