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The Alphabet Game

This is similar to The 5 Senses in that it’s helping to focus your brain to give it messages that you are safe.

Name something from every letter of the alphabet around a certain topic. The topic can be anything. Some examples might be animals, colours, or people’s names.

This can be a useful game to use with others around. Considering sharing this idea with those who support you.

The 5 Senses

This technique is about focusing your mind on the environment around you. It will help to give your brain messages that there isn’t any danger around. You’ll have to concentrate to really notice the different sights, feelings, sounds, smells and tastes around you.

  1. Name 5 things you can see
  2. 4 things you can touch
  3. 3 things you can hear
  4. 2 things you can smell
  5. 1 thing you can taste

You can try this backwards too. Remember there isn’t a right or a wrong way of doing it. Its about finding the right combination for you.

Controlled Breathing

The aim is to concentrate and control your breathing to force your body to relax in a physiological way. Empty your lungs of as much air as you can. Notice your shoulders drop and relax as you do. Repeat the following process until your symptoms subside.

  1. Breathe in through your nose for a count of 3.
  2. Hold it for a second.
  3. Breathe out through your mouth for a count of 4. Try to empty all that air.
  4. Repeat.

Having someone with you to breathe along side you in this way can help. Considering sharing this technique with supportive people around you so they know how to help.

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