Counselling provides an opportunity to talk about the issues affecting you in a private setting, with someone who has no other role in your life. Many people find that talking things over with a trained listener can offer a new perspective.

Our counsellors will not try to tell you what to do, but we will help and support you to make your own choices and decide your own way forward. All of our counsellors are professionally trained. They are experienced in working with people who will have gone through similar things to you and will not judge you in any way.

If you think that counselling could help you, why not find out more about our counselling for:

We also provide group support sessions, where people can talk to others who have had similar experiences.

Counselling sessions are free and normally take place once a week for about an hour. We have comfortable counselling facilities at our excellent premises in the town centre, although in some circumstances we may be able to meet you elsewhere.

In the beginning you will be offered up to 20 sessions. We do have a short waiting list for some of our client groups, but if you need to speak to someone straight away you can also call our helpline.

Find out more in our counselling service statement.

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